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"A man is never so tall as when he is on his knees to help a child" Pythagoras

Events and debates

Conferences, speeches and debates

The Madalena's prevention association promotes and takes part in several debates with the aim of informing and making prevention against the sexual exploitation of minors, trafficking in human beings and domestic violence. Contact us!

Jubilee 20 years

Madalena's has already given itself the mission of helping and defending the social rights of people in difficult situations linked to violence, mistreatment, abuse and discrimination. For 20 years of experience, it has used arts and literature as a combat weapon.

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Socio-cultural activities

Events, artistic, cultural and literary activities

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Lúcia Aeberhardt
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In Switzerland, the association began to carry out support and assistance work in 2000 for several men and women sex workers, people of different nationalities, and in several cantons of French-speaking and German-speaking Switzerland. We have seen the precariousness in which these people live, by being sexually exploited, abused, humiliated, both emotionally and physically. We concluded that there was a real need to help the victims on Swiss territory. Since a large part of these victims are Brazilian women, in 2006 we founded the NGO Prévention Madalena's in Brazil in order to prevent, inform and alert Brazilian youth directly in schools. This through films and lectures on sexual exploitation and trafficking in human beings, and the dangers to which a large part of these young people are victims when leaving for Europe without adequate preparation.

Our goals

In Switzerland: Defend the human rights of Brazilian victims of sexual exploitation, human trafficking, domestic violence and forced labor. We work in close collaboration and establish links with the official authorities and the organizations existing on the Swiss territory. We also promote and present Brazilian culture through music, films, literature, dance, etc. Within the framework of projects carried out, several programs and actions have been carried out across Switzerland.


Our objectives in Brazil:


Our objectives are to inform, warn, and do prevention directly in schools with Brazilian children and youth. And make parents and teachers aware of the real existence of the sexual exploitation of minors, human trafficking, domestic violence and forced labor.


Prevention in schools in Brazil

Our objectives are to inform, warn and do prevention with Brazilian children and youth.

The Madalena team visits public schools in Brazil to alert them to the dangers and, above all, the traps of human trafficking and domestic violence in which many children are vulnerable. Education and information is one of the most effective means of combating sexual exploitation.

Organizing, participating and collaborating in several events help raise awareness of the cause of the association. Watch some of these wonderful events

Cultural activities carried out Switzerland-Brazil

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About Lúcia Aeberhardt


Ambassador of Peace and writer, became known under the pseudonym Lúcia Amélia Brüllhardt. Her ministry of social action distinguished itself in its activities through the Prévention Madalena's project in Switzerland (with direct support for victims) and Brazil (with information and prevention activities in schools, churches, radio and television). In his curriculum, conferences at the UN (Geneva), Consulate General of Brazil in Geneva and in Zurich was carried out. Also special participation in various radio, newspaper and television programs in Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, France and Brazil.

His books, CDs and DVDs are translated into German, French, Italian, Russian and English.



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