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The world today faces a major challenge. And for millions of Brazilians living in poverty, the coronavirus-19 pandemic and isolation measures compromise even further the lives of children, families and entire communities.

The organisation Madalena's Switzerland-Brazil in partnership with Centro Brasil Cultural are trying to reduce the suffering of Brazilians across the country.

And to do that, we need your help. Your donation will help community leaders cope with this crisis by making food, water and basic necessities available.

We are not redistributing income, but providing access to these thousands of people to the minimum necessary to survive.



Helping Communities

Only registered Institutions within Madalena's network can apply to receive resources.

Community leaders  organize partnerships with local businesses. 

They are paid to provide food and water for people with Vouchers. 


Vouchers to the people and  money to local businesses.

We want to support not only the people but also the small businesses that are suffering because of Isolation measures.

Resources Tracking

All donatations are controlled by Madalena's headquarter in Switzerland and are Open Sourced.

You can see which communities we are are helping, with how much  and when.

Transparency and commitment to a fair process.



You can contribute with any amount.

You can donate directly to our account in Switzerland  at:

Association Madalena's - Compte courant Unidos pelo Brasil

Banque Cantonale Bernoise S.A.

3001 Bern

IBAN: CH43 0079 0016 5910 8403 8


Click to donate directly to our Paypal account :

# Clearing bancaire:  790

# de Compte postal: 30-106-9  


Defend the human rights of Brazilian victims of sexual exploitation, human trafficking, domestic violence and forced labor.

We work in close collaboration and establish links with the official authorities and the organizations in Switzerland.

Lúcia Amélia Aeberhardt

Partner Institutions

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Online Radio

Rádio Zoá

News, music and entertainment  for fans of the Brazilian culture.

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Cultural Center


Information support and activities for the Brazilian community in Zurich and Switzerland.